New Features for v1.1

SQL Server 2005 Support

Jumptree Project v1.1 now officially supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Calendar with Date Localization

The projects, milestones, and tasks overview each have their own calendars that display items based on the filter.

Whereas the dashboard calendar displays projects, milestones, and tasks together in a unified view.

The calendar and dates are localized to your own language and date time format.

English/United Kingdom [en-gb]

Chinese/Taiwan [zh-tw]

German/Germany [de-de]

Files Management

The new Files Section provides a centralized repository to view all your files.

You can attach an existing file to multiple tasks and discussions.

Publishing Tasks

Managing projects is as much about managing clients as it is about managing your own team. Effective project communication relies not only on what you reveal to your clients, but also what you don't.

Clients only see tasks that are manually published.

Jumptree Project helps project managers by restricting what clients can access. For example, clients will not be able to create nor edit tasks.

Also, Jumptree Project smartly warns you when you try and publish a task that is attached to an unpublished milestone.

Multilingual Support

Collaborate with teams around the world because Jumptree Project v1.1 now has multilingual support.

Enhanced Batch Updates

Easily change the attributes of multiple tasks, discussions, and files.

Usability Improvements

With the Add Another button you can easily create a list of tasks.

The pop-up date selector helps you select dates.

The Project Details page now shows tasks with no milestones.

Mass Email Notifications

The mass email notifications allow you to easily email all users and clients. Project managers can also use this feature to notify their team.

URL Proxy

The auto-email notifications contains a link to the appropriate task or discussion. However, if you're running Jumptree Project behind a firewall, then your users might have issues accessing the link from the outside.

The URL Proxy setting lets you assign an external IP.

Print Layouts

Going somewhere without an Internet connection? Don't worry, just print out your tasks, milestones, discussions, and anything else that you might need.

Speed Increases

Reduced unnecessary database calls by 20% and page-rendering size by 30-90% as reported by YSlow.