Project Statistics & Reports

Track all your tasks across multiple projects

When you're working on multiple projects that have different deadlines, you often have to decide which task to work on first.

Jumptree Project's Dashboard provides a My Statistics module that lets you track the status of all your tasks across all your projects. In addition, the current milestone can help you plan out which projects need more attention.

My Statistics

The Dashboard helps you keep track of the current milestone and all your tasks.

My Statistics links to Tasks Overview

You notice a project with three Not Started tasks. Simply click the number and Jumptree Project will show you those three tasks.

For Project Managers:
Know where to focus your resources

For project managers, Jumptree Project provides several tools to help you decide which project needs your attention:

1. The Projects Overview page helps you effectively manage resources across projects by letting you compare the number of Open Tasks with the Actual and Estimated Hours.

Projects Overivew

You can clearly see that both projects are due soon—but the 2nd project has 12 remaining tasks and is 6 hours over budget!

2. The Project Details page provides a quick, at-a-glance summary of your project.

Project Summary

The project summary displays vital information about a project.

3. Once you have identified a project that needs your attention, use the detailed statistics to help decide where to allocate your resources.

Project Statistics

The project statistics page offers a breakdown of your tasks by status, priority, and team member.