Scheduling with Milestones

Keep your projects on schedule

Deliverables. Phases. Iterations.

Whatever you call them, one of the best ways to keep a project on schedule is to break it down into smaller, achievable goals.

And if you simply assign tasks to the appropriate goals, you have a very clear work breakdown plan.


See all your milestones and tasks together in one view. Tasks are grouped by status—giving you a clear view of what's left to complete.

Easily change the project timeline

Ideally, projects are always on schedule and milestones are always met. But in reality, even the most carefully planned schedules might change.

Jumptree Project provides a convenient way to adjust the entire project schedule.

Shift Milestones

In the Milestone Details page, you can view a chronological timeline of your milestones. Here, we see the first milestone has already been achieved.

Now, if you want to edit the second milestone's due date, you can opt to shift all future milestones by the same number of days.

Compare milestones from multiple projects

If you manage more than one project, you often need to compare which project needs more attention.

The Milestones Overview page let's you see milestones—and their related tasks—from multiple projects. This gives you the power to make clear judgments on where to focus your resources.

Compare milestones across projects

Both milestones are due soon but one of them has two tasks that haven't even been started yet.