Powerful Filters & Usable Interface

Get a strategic view with smart filters

Each overview page has a strategic set of smart filters that will help you manage your projects.

For example, in the Projects Overview page, you can select to see projects where the estimated hours of all the tasks is greater than the project's estimated hours.

Project Filters

This filter will show you projects where you underestimated the number of hours needed to complete a project.

And in the Tasks Overview page, there is a filter that will show you all the tasks that you have not yet seen.

Task Filters

Select unread tasks to see new tasks that you have not viewed.

In addition, you can also filter based on the status of the task, the project, and who the task is assigned to.

A beautiful and highly usable interface

From the familiar toolbar to hiding complex options[1], Jumptree Project is a powerful, and yet, easy-to-use project management system.

Below are several examples of how Jumptree Project's interface helps you better manage your tasks.

1. Grouping related properties — in the Task Details page, similar information is grouped together.


Cleary see which Project and Milestone this task belongs to.


Important task properties are grouped together.

2. Dual columns — columns such as Task Title/Project and Status/Due efficiently display vita and relatedl information about the task.

Dual Columns

By glancing at this task you can see that it's 3 days late but it's currently on hold.

3. Smart columns — if you're viewing tasks that are assigned to anyone, then you'll see who the task is assigned to. But if you're viewing the tasks assigned to a specific person, then that column changes to who created the task.


The Assigned To column changes to Created By when the filter is set to a specific person.

  1. ^ Don't worry, we understand some people like it complex. These additional options can be accessed by clicking the More Options button in the toolbar.

Batch Editing

Suppose you just finished a bunch of tasks and you want to mark them as completed. Or looking at your current resources, you decide to reassign various tasks to other team members.

Instead of going into each task, you can easily edit all those tasks at once.

Batch Edit

Use the batch edit to reassign these two tasks to someone else—and your changes will still be recorded in the task's history.

Quickly add a list of tasks

If you need to enter a list of tasks, use the Quick Add tasks module.

Quick Add Tasks

To add a task, just select the project and enter in a task. By default, tasks are assigned to you (i.e. the person creating the task).