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Jumptree Employee replies by Jumptree employees.

Version 2.0 Roadmap

Dear Clients:

As you may have noticed, we have delayed the release of v1.5 for quite some time. The reason is that we were developing versions 1.5 and 2.0 concurrently, with v2.0 being based on .NET 4.0.

During this process, we found that quite a few of our new features for v1.5 was causing us to replicate functionality that is already native to the .NET 4.0 platform.

Furthermore, the soon-to-be-released .NET 4.5 has features that are vital to future versions of the Jumptree software, such as: asynchronous processing, websockets, MVC 4.0, etc...

As a result, we have decided to merge the v1.5 development into version 2.0, in hopes of reducing code overlaps and future unnecessary complications when upgrading.

We believe this will allow us to deliver a better product and we’re grateful for your understanding.

Also, version 2.0 will be a FREE upgrade for all existing users. In addition, any future v1.3 license purchases for existing users will be offered with a 50% discount. Please email us first for a promotional code.

Thank you again for your continued support and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!
Dear Jackson,

It's been quite a while but we're still using JumpTree for some of our customers.

I see that the release to .NET 4.5 isn't there yet. Are you still working on this?

Kind Regards,

Serge Myngheer
Dear Serge,

First, we want to sincerely thank you for sticking with us for so long.

We also want to apologize for not keeping our customers updated on our development process and the direction we are headed.

As we were developing v2, we experienced some fundamental differences in how we manage projects vs. how Jumptree Project was currently working for us.

The differences became so severe that we just were not comfortable with the direction v2 was headed. After much consideration, we decided to completely scrap it and start anew.

So here's where we're at now,

1. We are working on a new project management product that will take what we consider to be the best features from the current Jumptree Project, but will be adapted to better reflect our vision.

2. This new product will still be FREE to our current customers if they wish to upgrade.

3. The currently v1.3 will still exist and we will still support it for our existing customers. But aside from security updates, we most likely will not release any new features for it.

4. To thank all our customers for putting up with us, we would like to extend an offer to double all your licenses. Just email us at support@jumptree.com.

* * *

So that's where we're at right now. We can't say for sure what the timeline for the new product is just yet, but we will be more forthcoming with updates when we do.

Thanks again for your understanding and support! We really do appreciate it :-)