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Multiple Roles?

Hi, I am using the trial verison right now, but by far, i am very impressed with the software and its features. I really hope to purchase the license verison soon.

But is there a way for the software to create multiple roles such as project manager, programmer, support, end users, etc?
Hi Sunny,

Thanks so much for your interest in Jumptree Project :)

Unfortunately right now there is no way to manually create roles or permissions.

Currently, there are 4 hard-coded roles:
1. Admin
2. Project Manager
3. Team Member (regular User)
4. Clients

And each of them has certain permissions. For example, Clients can only see Published items while Team Members can see all items in projects to which the belong.

For a full list of permissions, please check out our support manual here:

* * *

However, we are definitely working towards adding a role management feature, but it most likely would not be available until the end of this year (or even early next year) since there are other features that we really want to support first.

Thanks again for trying out Jumptree Project. If you have any other questions or feature suggestions please feel free to tell us as we're very eager to hear from others!