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Add Discuss and Files tabs to the Project view

When viewing a project, there are tabs for "Overview," "Gantt," etc. There is no recognition that a project has discussions and/or files associated with it without specifically navigating to those areas and searching for these items. It's less likely that discussions will take place given the limited visibility that they may (or may not) exist for a given project.
Hi Steve,

That's a very good point and it's something we've wanted to improve in our next update (near the end of March).

One concern we have for adding more tabs though is making it too cluttered since we already have 5 tabs in the project details. Also, having 2 sets of tabs might confuse some users.

So what we were thinking of doing is improving the [Overview] tab to include the last 5 updated discussions and files along with links to "View more..."

That way all tasks, discussions, and files of a project will be accessible on 1-page.

Do you feel this a possible solution to your issue?

Thanks again for you feedback and if you have any others please feel free to let us know!
That sounds good. That would make them more visible.
Excellent :)

And if you have any other ideas or suggestions we would love to hear them. Thanks!