Setup Instructions for the Jumptree Project 45-day trial

1. Unzip Jumptree Project and upload everything to the desired software location (e.g.

NOTE: Make sure you grant ASPNET (XP) or NT Authority\Network Service (Windows 2003 Server) read&write access to the [software location].
NOTE: For Windows 2008 Server, please make sure IIS_WPG has read access.

2. Create a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or 2005 database.

3. Go to [software location]/setup/default.aspx

SQL Scripts Folder

4. In the drop-down, make sure the Install v1.1.1 option is selected.

Install Jumptree Project

5. If you agree to the Jumptree Project License, click the I Agree option and proceed to the next step.


6a. Connect to the database that was created in Step 2.

Connect to Database

6b. Select the database that was created in Step 2.

NOTE: Selecting Script ASP.NET MemberRoles and Script JumptreeProject will overwrite existing data. Please proceed with caution.
Select Database

7. Setup the default administrator. This information can be modified later.

Setup Default Administrator

8. Setup the email. You can skip this step during the installation process and configure it later.

Setup Email

9. Verify the information and click Install to setup Jumptree Project.

Confirm Settings

10. And that's it! You can now access Jumptree Project by going to [software location]/login.aspx

Setup Complete