Task Details Page

The Task Details page

Editing tasks

To edit a task:

1. Click the Edit button.

Edit button

2. Edit the task details as needed.

3. To edit the Actual Hours worked, click More Options.

Edit Actual Hours

4. Click Save.

Deleting tasks

To delete a task:

1. Click the Delete button.

Delete button

2. Click Delete task.

New task comments and history are highlighted

Jumptree Project records the last time you viewed a task.

So the next time you view the task, new comments and changes will be highlighted so you can easily see what's been updated.

New Task Comments and History

Easily update the status and actual hours worked

To easily update the task status and actual hours worked, simply use the Update Task module at the bottom of the page.

You can also leave a comment or ask a question regarding the task.

Update status and actual hours