Creating a new task

The Create a New Task page

To create a new task:

1. In the Tasks Overview page, click the New Task button.

New Task button


2. Project — select the project to which this task will belong.

3. Title — type the name of the task.

TIP: Try to be as descriptive as possible.

Bad task title: Big problem! Fix this.

Good task title: System crashes when I click the Sync button.

4. Assigned To — select the person responsible for this task.

TIP: To assign a task to multiple people, select the Multiple people option and check the desired users.

Not Required, but Useful:

5. Milestone — select the desired milestone.

6. Priority — select the priority of the task.

7. Due Date — type when the task is due.

8. Description — type a description of this task.

More Options:

More Task Options

9. Click the More Options button.

More Options icon

10. Status — select the status of the task.

NOTE: When creating a task, the only statuses available are Not Started, Active, and On Hold.

11. Estimate — type in the estimated number of hours this task will take.

12. Publish? — checking this box will allow clients to see this task.

NOTE: Clients will only be able to view the task. They cannot edit or comment on the task.
NOTE: You cannot publish a task that is attached to an unpublished milestone.


13. Click the Categories button

Categories button

14. Select the desired categories.

Select Categories

15. Click Create Task.

Assign a task to multiple people

Although we highly recommend only assigning the task to one person, we realize there are times when it's necessary and even efficient to assign to multiple people.

To assign a task to multiple people, select the Multiple people option and check the desired users.

Assign Task to Multiple People

Attaching files to tasks

1. Start by creating a task.

2. Click the Add File button

Add File button

3. Select the file you want to attach.

Add File form

4. To add another file, click Save and repeat the add file process.

List of Attached Files

5. Click Create Task.

Task Status Workflow

Status Purpose / What happens when a task has this status?
Not Started Nothing special happens in the background.
On Hold

Completed and Duplicate tasks must be approved and closed by the task creator.

NOTE: Aside from the task creator, these users can also close tasks:

  • Administrators can close all tasks
  • Project Managers can close any task in projects they manage
TIP: The duplicate status indicates that a task is identical to another task. This can happen when multiple people assign you the same task without consulting one another.

To alert the task creator, these actions happen:

  1. On the Dashboard page, the person who assigned you this task will see the number of tasks that need to be approved.
    Tasks that need my approval
  2. On the Tasks Overview page,
    Completed and Duplicate Status
    • For Completed tasks, the status changes to Completed – need "Task Creator's" Approval.
    • For Duplicate tasks, the status changes to Duplicate – need "Task Creator's" Approval.
Closed In the Tasks Overview page, closed tasks will show up in the Closed Grid.
Closed Tasks