Upgrade from v1.2.x to v1.3.0

0. Please make sure you have upgraded to Version 1.2.0 or 1.2 SP1. Check which version you are using »

NOTE: If you are upgrading from Version 1.1.1 then follow the instructions here »

1. Make a backup of your installed location (i.e. if you installed it at [http://pm.example.com] then copy all the files there).

2. Go to http://jumptree.com/login.aspx and download JumptreeReleaseV1.3.0.0.zip

3. DELETE everything EXCEPT:

DO NOT delete this Folder

  • /App_Data/

DO NOT delete these 5 (FIVE) .config Files

  • PMAppSetting.config
  • PMDBConnection.config
  • PMEmailSMTP.config
  • PMMemberShip.config
  • PMSiteSettings.config

4. Unzip Jumptree Project and upload everything EXCEPT the above mentioned config files and App_Data folder.

WARNING: Please make sure you do not overwrite the above mentioned config files and App_Data folder.

5a. Go to your existing /App_Data/ folder:

5b. Delete the old /SqlScripts/ folder.

5c. Upload the new /SqlScripts/ folder.

WARNING: Please make sure you are only replacing the /SqlScripts/ folder.

Do not overwrite anything else in the /App_Data/ folder.

6. Please see the troubleshooting section before you continue...

7. Run the installer at [software location]/setup/default.aspx

8. Select Upgrade From v1.2 to v1.3


1a. If you see this error:

Upgrade Error

1b. Then on the last page, check the Upgrade Perspective Only option.

Confirm Settings