Upgrade from Trial to Release

1. Make a backup of your trial installed location (i.e. if you installed the trial at [http://pm.example.com] then copy all the files there).

3. Go to http://jumptree.com/login.aspx and,

3a. Download the latest Jumptree Project Release

3b. Download your License File

Go to Order History » Invoice Number » Download License File

4. DELETE everything EXCEPT:

DO NOT delete this Folder

  • /App_Data/

DO NOT delete these 6 (SIX) .config Files

  • PMAppSetting.config
  • PMDBConnection.config
  • PMEmailSMTP.config
  • PMMemberShip.config
  • PMSiteSettings.config
  • web.config

5. Unzip Jumptree Project and upload everything except the above mentioned config files and App_Data folder.

WARNING: Please make sure you do not overwrite the above mentioned config files and App_Data folder.

6. In the App_Data folder, replace the existing JumptreeLicense.xml with the one you downloaded in Step 3b.

You can also manually enter in the license information from the purchase email.

If you have problems please contact us at support@jumptree.com and we can send you the license file directly.