Creating a new project

The Create a New Project page

To create a new project:

NOTE: Any clients or users that are added to a project must be created in advanced. See creating a new client or creating a new user.

1. In the Projects Overview page, click the New Project button.

New Project icon


2. Project Name — type the name of the project.

3. Project Manager — select a project manager.

NOTE: The project manager can,

  • Edit the project
  • Manage the project's milestones
  • Edit the task comments of project team member's and client contacts
  • Edit and delete the discussions of project team member's and client contacts

Not Required, but Useful:

4. Project Team — select the users who will belong to this project.

NOTE: Administrators can access all projects—even if they are not a part of the project team.

5. Client — first select the client company, and then select the client contacts that can have access to this project.

Selecting client contacts for a project

6. Due Date — type in when the project is due.

7. Estimate — type in the estimated number of hours this project should take.

8. Status — select the status of the project.

More Options:

More Project Options

6. Click the More Options button.

More Options icon

7. Project Code — type in a code for your project

9. Click Create Project.

Project Status Workflow

Status Purpose / What happens when a project has this status?
Proposed These are labels for which phase your project is in. Nothing special happens in the background.
On Hold
  1. In the Projects Overview page, closed projects will show up in the Closed Grid.
    Closed Projects
  2. In the Dashboard page, closed projects do not show up.
  3. When creating a new milestone, task, discussion, client contact and user, closed projects appear with a "[CLOSED]" appended in front.
    [Closed] appended in front of closed projects