Milestone Details Page

The Milestone Details page

Editing milestones

To edit a milestone:

1. Click the Edit button.

Edit button

2. Edit the milestone details as needed.

3. Click Save.

Deleting milestones

To delete a milestone:

1. Click the Delete button.

Delete button

2. Click Delete milestone.

Creating tasks within a milestone

To easily create tasks within a milestone:

1. Click the Add Task button.

Add Task button

2. You will then be taken to the New Task page where the Project and Milestone will be automatically selected.

Project and Milestone are automatically selected

3. After you click Create Task you will be returned to the Milestone Details page.

Removing tasks from milestones

To remove tasks from a milestone:

1. Start by editing the milestone.

2. Scroll down to the Tasks list and click the Remove from milestone link.

Remove Tasks from Milestone

3. Click Save.

NOTE: You can also directly edit the task and select None for the milestone.

Changing the milestone due date (and future milestones)

To change the milestone due date:

1. Start by editing the milestone.

2. Type in the new Due Date.

3. When you edit the Due Date, you can shift future milestones by the same number of days by clicking Shift.

NOTE: Clicking the Shift button will automatically shift the dates. If you wish to reverse the changes, click Undo.

Shift future milestone due dates

4. Click Save.

Closing a milestone (Done, Finished, Completed)

To close the milestone:

1. Start by editing the milestone.

2. Click the More Options button.

More Options icon

3. For the Status, select Closed.

Selecting Closed Status for Milestone

4. Click Save.

Milestones in this Project

The Milestones in this Project navigator allows you to easily see and browse through the milestones in a project.

Milestone Navigator