Creating a new milestone

The Create a New Milestone page

To create a new milestone:

1. In the Milestones Overview page, click the New Milestones button.

New Milestone button


2. Project — select the project to which this milestone will belong.

3. Title — type the name of the milestone.

TIP: Milestones are often written in Noun Verb format (e.g. Drafts Completed, Prototype Done).

4. Due Date — type in when the milestone is due.

Not Required, but Useful:

5. Publish? — checking this box will allow clients to see this milestone

6. Description — type a description of this milestone.

More Options:

More Milestone Options

7. Click the More Options button.

More Options button

8. Status — select the status of the milestone.

9. Click Create Milestone.

Milestone Status Workflow

Status Purpose / What happens when a milestone has this status?
Active In the Dashboard page, the active milestone that's due next will appear.
Next due milestone in dashboard
  1. In the Milestones Overview page, closed milestones will show up in the Closed Grid.
    Closed Milestones
  2. When creating a new task, closed milestones appear with a "[CLOSED]" appended in front.
    [Closed] appended in front of closed milestones