Creating a new discussion

The Create a New Discussion page

To create a new discussion:

1. In the Discussions Overview page, click the New Discussion button.

New Discussion button


2. Project — select the project to which this discussion will belong.

3. Title — type the name of the discussion.

Not Required, but Useful:

4. Content — type in the content of this discussion

5. Publish? — checking this box will allow clients to see this discussion.

NOTE: Clients will only see published milestones, tasks, and files attached to posts/replies.

More Options:

More Discussion Options

6. Click the More Options button.

More Options icon

7. Status — select the status of the discussion.


8. Click the Categories button

Categories button

9. Select the desired categories.

Select Categories

10. Click Create Discussion.

Discussion Status Workflow

Status Purpose / What happens when a milestone has this status?
Active Allowed participants can post/reply to the discussion.
Closed Discussion is closed from further posts/replies.