Company Details Page

The Company Details page

Editing companies

To edit a company:

1. Click the Edit button.

Edit button

2. Edit the company details as needed.

3. Click Save.

Deleting companies

To delete a company:

1. Click the Delete button.

Delete button

2. Click Delete company.

NOTE: All contacts associated with this company will also be deleted.

Adding contacts to a company

Remove an entire company's access to the application

To remove a user's access to the application:

1. Click the Edit button.

Edit button

2. Select No.

Grant or Deny Login Access option

3. Click Save. All contacts will see this message the next time they attempt to login:

Login Access denied

NOTE: Removing a company's access does not disable email notifications. Meaning the contacts will continue to receive email even if the company's access is disabled.

To stop contacts from receiving emails, you must turn off their email notifications.