Adding contacts to a company

The Create a New Contact page

To add a contact to a company:

1. In the Clients Overview page, click the Add Contact to Company button.

Add Contact to Company button


2. Company — select the company to which this contact will belong.

3. Name — type the name of the contact.

4. Email — type the email of the contact.

NOTE: The email address is the contact's login.

5. Password — type and confirm a password for the user.

NOTE: The contact will be able to change the password by editing their preferences.

Not Required, but Useful:

6. Office, Mobile & Fax — type the contact's phone numbers.

7. Access — grant or deny the contact's access to this applicaion.

NOTE: If the Company's Access is disabled, then the contact's access will also be disabled.

8. Email Notifications — turn email notifications on or off.

NOTE:The email settings must be setup for email notifications to function.

Contacts are notified of new discussions and when someone comments on a discussion they participate in.

9. Notes — type in any notes on this user.

10. You can type a personalized message for the Welcome Email.

The Welcome Email form

11. Click Create Contact and Send Welcome Email to create the contact and send the welcome email. Or to create the contact without sending the welcome email, click Create Contact.

Create Contact controls