Changes from 1.1.1 to 1.2.0

Release Notes

Build 674

  • Microsoft Platform Installer & IIS7 support for a Starter Edition
  • Added build numbers next to the version number

Build 675

  • Removed version and build number from PMSiteSettings.config and placed it in a dll

Build 777

  • Source restructured for distribution with the following libraries protected: Jumptree.CustomFields.dll, Jumptree.Globalization.dll, Jumptree.PM.Core.dll, Jumptree.PM.Lucene.dll, Jumptree.PM.Resources.dll, and Jumptree.Web.dll

Build 780 - (Service Pack 1)

Build 781

  • Disabled editing of Unique Key and Group for reserved Jumptree Perspectives

New Features

  • Global Search
  • Custom Fields
  • Gantt Chart (using JQuery)
  • Authentication (Active Directory, SiteMinder)
  • Globalization & Perspectives
  • Extend Session Timeout
  • Time Zones
  • Project Groups
  • Private Notes

Build 775

  • BBCode with Text Editor


  • Calendar date can expand to show more details (using JQuery)
  • Milestones now share categories with tasks, discussions, and files
  • Save files to somewhere else instead of the /App_Data/ folder
  • Tasks now have a start date property
  • The grid columns now have a sort indicator

Build 768

  • Added en-us to the language set

Build 770

  • Alphabetized the English-based culture names

Bug Fixes

  • 289: Task history (ME) text error
  • 373: Horizontal Scroll Issue
  • 376: I8N affects IE7 in downloading files
  • 377: Global Categories do not sort alphabetically
  • 383: In Task List, sort Priority by Order and not ABC
  • 393: Modified person in Files Details

Build 672

  • When creating an active directory user, the welcome email sends a randomly generated password
  • In preferences, a domain user sees the email address as the username, but that's not what's used to login
  • In preferences, each time you save, "@domain" is added to the username. So after a few times, the user name field looks like this: username@domain@domain@...
  • If you add a domain user with a username that is already used by a Jumptree user, error displays "xxxxxx"

Build 673

  • User can't delete project when they enter "yes" because the project ID is not set for the deleted project

Build 767

  • If the physical file has been removed for whatever reasons, it prevents the file record from being deleted

Build 768

  • When a culture is selected in preferences, it should override what's in the browser
  • Neutral language should not be part of the listing

Build 769

  • Assigned To user is unable to edit task
  • Team Member has access to edit the tasks in projects not assigned to them
  • Only Admin and Project Manager should be able to delete tasks

Build 770

  • Milestone Due Filter is not working correctly (due next 1/3 months, should be pre 1/3 months)
  • When no task is in Gantt, default text is "xxxxxx"
  • Non-admins are able to access the customized fields section
  • In discussions, when trying to attach a task that is not found, the error message returns "you do not have permission," should be "task not found"

Build 771

  • 375: PM can create milestones in other projects

Build 772

  • 396: User removed from project still receives Email

Build 773

  • In Perspectives, should not be allowed to delete the default English Culture
  • In Perspectives, should not be able to delete the default Jumptree Keys and Groups
  • Should not be able to change the Culture of the default Jumptree Perspective

Build 774

  • If user enters a non-numerical time zone override, the application prohibits them from logging back in

Build 775

  • When uploading a file—if the upload location defined in admin is not a valid location (for whatever reasons)—it incorrectly goes to the details.aspx, page, so an error message should be displayed
  • An issue occurs if "SA" is used as database username during the setup process

Build 776

  • Admin unable to edit a user's task comment

Build 778

  • The password in the Welcome Email is encrypted due to restructured source
  • Update users cause projects being re-added multiple times due to restructured source
  • Installer broken due to restructured source (could not execute SQL scripts)

Build 779

  • 397: Dashboard calendar slips off in WebKit

Build 782

  • When changing a contact's username, the role information points to null